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feorag Sgathach Buanand

Wenlo Odin  x  Feorag Cindy Incidentally

dob  25 December 1998

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(At age 15 months and just about to give birth!)

Purrdy is my 2nd generation Feorag breeding queen.   I waited a long time to breed a usual female to replace Sorcha as my usual breeding queen.   After Sorcha's second litter of 3 usuals, I did not breed another usual female for almost 4 years.

If ever a kitten had "spirit" it was Purrdy - she was always  a "fighter" and gave her brother Cadbury a hard time in their fun games.  I called her Sgathach (pronounced Sca-hah) after the warrior queen of the Isle of Skye in Scotland.   Sgathach was a Celtic warrior (the most terrible and warlike of the Celtic deities were always women and women warriors were prominent in Celtic times) and legends abound about her.  She is mentioned in the 8th century document "Verisa Scathaicre" (the Words of Sgathach).    She is often referred to as Sgathach Buanand meaning victorious and Sgathach itself derives from a word for a place of shadows, thought to be Skye.   Cuchulainn, knight of the Red Branch of Ulster, was described as handsome and clever and a great warrior and he came to Skye to be tutored by Sgathach in the arts of war.   The story conjured my imagination just after I had watched Purrdy get the better of her brother in a wrestling match and so I chose those names for them - I doubt she will get the better of him now though!

Eddie.jpg (199242 bytes) Purrdy's first litter sired by Gr Ch Brizlincoat Furst Edition (Eddie) was born on the 27th March (their great grandmother's 10th birthday - double reason to celebrate!) and consisted of a usual male and 2 usual females.   As Purrdy has a gaelic name we decided to carry on the tradition and give these kittens all gaelic names.

Here are photographs of the kittens.  (Click to enlarge)

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Purrdybabs2.jpg (120539 bytes) Purrdyk3.jpg (109695 bytes)
3 days 5 days 3 weeks
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Feorag Macan Eideard - 6 wks

Macan  Eideard is gaelic for "little son of Edward" which we thought was quite appropriate.   He has now gone to Darlington to live with Len and Becky Sharp, who had one of the first Somalis way back in the 1980's.  However, before he left us we did manage to take him to the Gwynedd cat show where he won his 1st and BOB and a 1st in the breeders class, so we were highly delighted. His pet name is Callum



Feorag Aingeal antuath - 6 wks.  

Aingeal an Tuath is gaelic for "Angel of the North" and this name (or the English version) was chosen by her new owner, who was watching a programme about the Angel of the North when I telephoned to say the litter had arrived!   This little girl, who is so like her great grandmother, has now gone to Cheshire to join Deidre Wheeler and the Pyjamarama Somalis, who bred her great grandmother.    Her pet name is Toohey.  She has been shown once so far at 6 months and also won her 1st and BOB

Ch Feorag Modonn Faltcaileag-6 weeks

Mo donn falt caileag  is gaelic for "my brown-haired lassie".   This little girl has left us now to join a household of British cats and Afghan Hounds in Scotland (very appropriate we think!). She is to be the Somali foundation queen for David and Anne McCormack,  who have patiently waited for a breeding queen from us for over 2 years - we hope she's worth it!   Her pet name is Nuala.   David & Ann brought her out onto the showbench at 10 months and she won her title of Champion in 3 straight shows, so this was a really well balanced litter for us


Bolly.jpg (111875 bytes)For Purrdy's second litter, we mated her to Gr Ch Astrokini Fils DeBolly, who is a fawn silver as handsome as his late father Gr Ch Supatoft Abfab Bollinger.   Bolly is still a very young boy and this was his first litter.    The kittens were born on 8th March 2001.   A usual female and a chocolate silver male.   Once again we decided to opt for Scottish names in keeping with Purrdy's gaelic name (Click any image to enlarge), but this time their new owners chose the names.

2Purrdy1.jpg (136221 bytes) 2Purrdy6.jpg (125463 bytes) 2Purrdy7.jpg (161610 bytes)
8 days 4 weeks 5 weeks

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kisi9.jpg (138738 bytes)  

Feorag Weewillie Wallace - 13 wks

This little chocolate silver boy had a big name to live up to as his new owners, Valerie and Hugh in Renfrewshire chose Wee Willie Wallace as his name.  He was  one of the cuddliest kittens we have ever bred - no "Braveheart" he!  He was shown for the first time at 19 weeks old and won his 1st and Best of Breed and once as an adult were he won his PC. Sadly he died in early 2001 from FIP, leaving his owners and us broken hearted.

Feorag Braveheart Lassie - 9 wks

When Valerie and Hugh came to visit Wallace for the first time they fell in love with this little girl, who we were calling Kisi (which is short for Kisimul which is a beautiful castle standing on an island in a loch off the shore of the Isle of Barra in the Outer Hebrides).   They decided they couldn't bear to part the two kittens and so bought both. They chose for her the registered name of Braveheart Lassie in keeping with the name chosen for Wallace, but have kept her pet name of Kisi



Bolly.jpg (111875 bytes)For Purrdy's third litter, we once again mated her to Gr Ch Astrokini Fils DeBolly.  The kittens were born on 28th November 2001.    This litter were all females, a usual silver,a chocolate silver and a chocolate.   Once again we decided to opt for Scottish names in keeping with Purrdy's gaelic name (Click any image to enlarge).


3Purrdy1.jpg (133233 bytes) 3Purrdy2.jpg (179334 bytes) 3Purrdy3.jpg (189298 bytes)
11 days 5 weeks 7 weeks
Galaxy.jpg (128054 bytes) Sabrina.jpg (129235 bytes) Lunar.jpg (221922 bytes)

Feorag Meudail Teoclaid - 12 wks

M'eudail Teoclaid is gaelic for "my darling chocolate one" which we thought was quite appropriate.   She has stayed fairly close to home and now lives in Blyth. We gave her the pet name of Galaxy (like Cadbury, one of our favourite chocolates!) and her new owners liked it so much they decided to keep it.

Feorag Laoghaire - 12 wks

Laoghaire was a character in a book I had recently read set in Scotland at the time of Culloden and I just kind of liked it.    Her new owner's children chose the name Sabrina for her.  Unfortunately, when she was 14 months old her owner had a job relocation and couldn't take her with him so he came back to me to find a home for her.  She now lives in Gosforth with Nic and Helen Myers and their two children Rachael and James.  She has settled very well and they are delighted with her.

Feorag Mo Airgeadach - 12 wks

Mo Airgeadach is gaelic for "My silver one" which again we thought appropriate.   She has travelled the furthest away and now lives in Windemere in the Lake District.  Her new owner chose the name Lunar for her.  She is the kitten who had the big adventure as only a month after leaving us she escaped from the house and was missing for almost a week.  However, her new owner found her again and she has been none the worse for the adventure.


Pasta.jpg (111322 bytes)For Purrdy's fourth litter we went back to an old favourite of ours, Gr Ch Pinegrove Macca Ronni (Pasta), whose mother is a Canadian import.   On the 8th January she produced a single kitten - a usual female.      She went to join another Somali to live in Coventry with her new owners, Sandra and Don, who chose to call her  Moth.  We liked the name so much we decided to register her as Feorag Tigeir Leoman, which is gaelic for Tiger Moth.   Here are her pictures

Moth1day.jpg (160677 bytes) Moth-52wks_3.jpg (190113 bytes) Moth-8wks (3).jpg (174116 bytes)
1 day 5 weeks 8 weeks
12wks (4).jpg (146060 bytes) Me & Gt Granny (4).jpg (226957 bytes) New Home.jpg (64439 bytes)
12 weeks With great grandma Arriving in her new home she instinctively chooses the correct place to pose ("I'm as pretty as that picture!")
Moth - growing up.jpg (94870 bytes) 4months(3).jpg (82833 bytes) 8months.jpg (300613 bytes)
Posing is an art she's obviously good at! 4 months Growing up - 8 months!


DEXTER.jpg (74136 bytes) For Purrdy's fifth litter we tried a new stud.   His name is Emanan Dexter.  He is a usual and he is the son of Ch Emanan Squirrel Nutkin, one of my all-time favourites.   The kittens arrived in the very early hours of the 10th December 2003, which was my birthday - what a wonderful present!   Four kittens, perfectly balanced, 2 girls and 2 boys - all usuals.   For this litter we decided to remain with the gaelic/Scottish theme and as Gaynor who bought No.4 had already decided on McDhui for her boys name, lengthened to Ruadhi McDhui, (pronounced roo-ey, macdoo-ey) we carried on the same sounding names.    The kittens' pictures will be added here as soon as I can find the time to do it - time is my greatest enemy at the moment!