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GR CH & GR PR feorag bohemian rhapsody

Tanoshimi  Redshadow  x   Gr Ch & Gr Pr Pyjamarama Theda

dob 7 Nov 1991

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Leyla was our first born Somali kitten.  

In her show career she has won 4 Grand Challenge Certificates, 1 Reserve Grand Challenge Certificate, 15 Challenge Certificates, 6 Grand Premier Certificates, 2 Reserve Grand Premier Certificates, 13 Premier Certificates, 25 BOB's and 57 First Prizes.

She was the first Somali in the United Kingdom to achieve a Double Grand title.  Her other achievements are listed below:

Somali Cat Club's Best Sorrel Female Adult 1992  Somali Cat Club's Best Sorrel Female Adult 1993  Somali Cat Club's Best Overall Somali 1995          Somali Cat Club's Best Sorrel Female Adult 1995  Somali Cat Club's Best Female Somali 1996           Best Neuter in Show Somali Cat Club Show 2000

Nuts.jpg (80354 bytes)For Leyla's first litter we went to Ch Emanan Squirrel Nutkin, an event which was quite an experience for both myself and Emma, Nuts' owner and breeder and indeed poor Nuts himself!   Leyla was not the best-tempered queen when being mated, her rage reaction was "pure rage" and she needed a stud who was quick-thinking to avoid annihalation!!!   Fortunately for her Nuts was not only quick thinking, but, being the gentleman he is, completely without malice and for all her abhorrence of the act, she succumbed twice and managed to produce 5 kittens on the 4th March 1993 - my "Master and Miss" litter

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Feorag Master Nutkin (63)  (Jasper)     SCC's Best Usual Male Kitten 1993   Feorag Misschievous (63a)  (Vienna) aged 16 weeks Feorag Missbehaviour (63) (Misty)  Unfortunately Misty was killed on the road when she was 6 year old

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Ch & Gr Pr Feorag Missdemeanour   (63a) (Mitzy)      Photo by Alan Robinson               SCC's Best Sorrel Kitten 1993              First Somali to gain a double title Ch Feorag Missadventure (63) (Mistral)       SCC's Best Usual Female Kitten 1993

ricky2_small.jpg (4351 bytes)For her second litter we took her to Supatoft Silver Sundowner and her kittens were born on the 24th August 1994.   As a kitten the usual silver was such an active "on the go" kitten, she was nicknamed fidget breeches from a very early age and so to follow the theme and because this was such a fun loving set of kittens all these kittens were given names which began with "F B".

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Feorag Fanny Blott (63a) (Scarlett) Feorag Feather Brain (63a)  (Islay) Feorag Fidget Breeches (63s) (Fidget)

You can take this link to Islay's page to read the story of her very short, but love-filled life and it was because of the problems she suffered and the fact that being mated was not Leyla's "forte" that we decided not to breed from her again.   She was therefore neutered and remains in our household a very loving and affectionate neuter, who simply adores Barry (still there's no accounting for taste!)