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Feorag Cindy Incidentally

Supatoft Silver Sundowner x Gr Ch & Gr Pr Pyjamarama Theda

dob 16 Nov 1995

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Usual Silver

(At age 1 yrs)


Kisha is the foundation of my silver line.   She was shown only once as an adult, winning her IC, but as a kitten she was the Somali Cat Club's Best Silver Kitten in 1996.   As a kitten she was quite the naughtiest kitten we had ever produced and her antics charmed us from a very early age.  Even at her first show she clung half-way up the pen bars, yelling at everyone who walked past, then, as the judge bent forward to speak to her, she managed to shoot a foreleg out through the bars and neatly hook the judge's glasses off the end of her nose!     Maybe that's why her kittens follow in her footsteps and are also the naughtiest of all our litters of kittens.

Porridge.jpg (141081 bytes)Her first litter to Gr Ch Supatoft Abfab Bollinger (Porridge) produced Roscoe and his sister Tamsin.  Roscoe charmed us from a very early age and we just couldn't bear to part with him.   You can read how he got both his registered and pet name on our Our Cats page and just how suitable that is by taking this link to read a story about a day in his life.    Tamsin went to the far north of Scotland to join her cousin "Scarlett", who was one of Leyla's kittens.

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Feorag Caveat Emptor (63es)  (Roscoe) Feorag Tanzhi Tamsin (63es)  (Tamsin)


Nuts_small.jpg (4852 bytes)Her second litter to  Ch Emanan Squirrel Nutkin (Nuts) unfortunately arrived very prematurely at 59 days.   There were 3 kittens, but unfortunately Jago was the only one born alive (hence his registered name).  When he was born, fortunately for him he weighed 96grams, which is quite a good weight, given the fact that he was at least 6 days early.    His ears were no more than little thick stumps and he had large swollen purple lumps behind each ear.  He had no hair on his stomach and legs and his legs were very swollen and purple.   He was a very strange looking little kitten and we despaired that he would survive.    However,  he was obviously a fighter and after a  shaky start he "took off".  Interestingly enough, every stage of his development (eyes opening, walking etc) was a week behind our normal birth kittens, so we followed that lead and delayed weaning, vaccination etc.    He now lives in the far north of Scotland with one of Leyla's kittens and his half-sister Tamsin.   Just to illustrate how he has developed and how fearless he is - this is him up a tree!

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Feorag Sole Survivor (63)  (Jago)



Stan.jpg (69759 bytes)Her third litter to Wenlo Odin (Stan) produced Purrdy and Cadbury, who most certainly took after their mother and earned themselves the title of "The Kittens from Hell!".   You can read their story and how they got their names on Purrdy's own page.

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Purrdykit.jpg (55110 bytes)

    Pr Feorag Cuchulainn   (63b)       aged 1 year  (Cadbury)

       Feorag Sgathach Buanand    (63)                  (Purrdy)       aged 8 weeks


Pasta.jpg (111322 bytes)Her fourth litter to Gr Ch Pinegrove Macca Ronni (Pasta), whose mother is a Canadian import, produced 3 male kittens on Christmas Day.   Although they were due the day after Christmas, they arrived a day early on Christmas Day - the best Christmas present we could ever want!     As this was an all-male litter it seemed appropriate to register them as the Three Wise Men!

Elvis3.jpg (101134 bytes) Frankie2.jpg (111102 bytes)

Arnie3.jpg (111056 bytes)

Feorag Balthazar (63cs)  (Elvis) aged 11 wks            

Elvis is a blue silver and he got his pet name because of Elvis Presley and "Blue Christmas".  His new owners Jane and Jon Tullock liked the name and kept it.  He was the personality of the litter from very early on.  As he has stayed fairly near to us we have been able to visit him to follow his development.


Feorag Caspar (63)   (Milo)           aged 12 wks     

Milo was the kitten with the most wonderful rich coat colour - a more gentle personality than Elvis.  He has gone to live with Keith & Cherry Goodby and their two children in Cheshire.  We visited him in September, when he was 9 months old and were delighted to see how he had developed and how his colour had not diminished in the slightest - he is still just the richest apricot we have ever seen..

          Feorag Melchior (63)  (Arnie)      aged 14 wks

Arnie earned his nickname because he was the kitten with the wonderful type and boning.   From very early on he was the biggest in the litter and got his nickname from Arnie   Schwartzeneger.   He has gone the furthest away to live not far from Aberystwyth, but his owner stays regularly in touch and sends us photographs - he is growing into a beautiful cat and, we are assured, has the most wonderful personality.



Pasta.jpg (111322 bytes) In October, we once again mated Kisha to Gr Ch Pinegrove Macca Ronni (Pasta) and on the 13th December, she presented us with two beautiful little girls (quite interesting when the last litter were all boys).  One is a usual and the other a blue silver.    As this will be Kisha's last litter and because she and her sister were named from Rod Stewart songs, we have decided to give these two girls Rod Stewart songs for names also.   (Click any image to enlarge)

4Kisha10.jpg (178530 bytes) Krys-7m.jpg (119387 bytes) 4Kisha12.jpg (106640 bytes)

  Feorag Maggie May (63)      (Maggie)  aged 11 wks    

Maggie is a usual Somali and she has gone to live with Jane and John Tullock and her brother Elvis (Feorag Balthazar)

     Feorag Stay With Me        (Kristal)  aged 7 months

Kristal is a blue silver.  Krystal was an extremely affectionate queen, but she suffered from the worst case of PMT we have ever seen in a cat!  She was wonderful until she came into season and then woe betide any cat who came anywhere near. For this reason we decided to neuter her and find her a home without other cats. She now lives with Deborah Richardson and her daughter  Corinne, (who waited 3 years for her mum to let her have a cat) where she has settled well and is thoroughly spoiled and we are delighted about this.

11 weeks