Pink Panther StandingOver the years I have taken lots of photographs of my cats.   Here for your amusement are some of the more entertaining photographs from my Photo Album.  There are quite a few pictures, so be patient and don't forget  you can enlarge a photograph to see more detail if you just click on it!  And if you do enjoy them, then have a look at my More Fun page for more pictures!

Somalis enjoy a night time drink, especially when it isn't theirs!                        Merlin discovers Horlicks

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Can't quite get my head in here But my paw will fit fine Here it comes I can see a drip Yummy!

Somalis cannot resist climbing into strange places:

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Somalis, Orientals and even Siamese kittens can always find their own amusement if you are too busy to play with them.  They are great sports fans and can line up an excellent snooker shot.  They can be very patriotic and believe in encouraging our sportsmen, as Wee Willie Wallace gives Tim Henman a congratulary pat on the back for scoring a good point at Wimbledon

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Somalis and Orientals like to supervise every job their owner undertakes

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And they are very good at forming relationships with other animals

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But they are always essentially "Party Animals"

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